1. 2012

    In 2012 we got further from the NES release in North America than the NES release in North America was from the earliest videogame. These events were 27 years apart.

  2. … 27 years …

  3. 1985

    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released in North America

    The NES ran at 60FPS… unless you had a bunch of sprites on the screen.

  4. … 27 years …

  5. 1958

    earliest videogame

    "Tennis for Two" was the first videogame that was open to the general public. Prior games were entirely research projects or technology demonstrations. It was played on an oscilloscope which presented a side view of a tennis match. The custom built controller had a button to take a shot and a knob to adjust a shot's angle. Even this earliest videogame was very popular with long lines of people queuing up for a turn to play.